Community training and support

Face to face and online training

Face to face and online training


IT support and training for individuals and small community groups

One-on-one support or training in small groups.

Macintosh Made Easy

Held over three consecutive Saturdays, this course requires no prior knowledge of working with Mac computers, making it suitable for absolute beginners.

However, many satisfied participants have been much more experienced, some having used Macs for several years.


‘I liked the emphasis on learning general principles which we can transfer to other areas’

‘Trying different things on the computer without being afraid to break something’

‘I have a better understanding of my Mac plus the confidence to explore further with it.’


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Living In The Cloud

If you have a computer on the Internet, you might be on ‘the Cloud’. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you’re almost certainly on ‘the Cloud’.

Did you know that?

Do you know what that means? The huge possibilities? The threats?

Are you secure? Do you know what to do about it?


This course will be held over two consecutive Saturdays and requires no knowledge of cloud computing.


‘I found Kevin’s teaching style excellent’

‘He answered our questions (no matter how silly they were)!’

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‘iTunes in a Day’ and ‘Photos (iPhoto) in a Day’

If you don’t know what iTunes has to offer or you haven’t quite got the hang of how to do things in iTunes, ‘iTunes in a Day’ is for you.

‘Photos (iPhoto) in a Day’ will use those programs but much of what will be covered is applicable to many photo programs, e.g. Picasa.  And, of course, we’ll look at options for backing up and exporting your photos.

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Playing music from your iPad or Android

If you play a musical instrument but haven’t caught up with the technologies for doing this, these will get you up to speed:

  • Creating backing tracks, practising and playing from chord charts
  • Managing notation and a library of ‘books’ on your iPad

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Kevin Blazé has many years experience:

  • training individuals and groups of all ages in iPad, iPhone and computers (Mac and Windows)
  • teaching secondary school maths, science and biology
  • lecturing in botany, project management and computer skills at university and TAFE
  • teaching guitar to students of all ages


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