Living in ‘the Cloud’

Living in the cloud

Living in ‘the cloud’



Course overview

Ten years ago, the cloud was a dream. Five years ago, it was for the early-adopters. Now, If you’re connected to the Internet, you’re probably also on ‘the cloud’ (although you might not know it!).

If you use Gmail, Facebook, iCloud, Dropbox, Picasa, Skype or Pinterest, you’re definitely working in ‘the cloud’.

If the photos you take on your smartphone become visible on your other devices (e.g. computer), you’re using the cloud. If you’re not doing this, why not? (There are pros and cons – are you aware of them?)

Cloud computing (including iCloud) is what we use to:

  • see the same information on our various devices (smartphones, tablets, computers),
  • run service apps (e.g. Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, Picasa),
  • back up your device, and
  • share information with others (Skype, Pinterest).

Do you know what the cloud can do for you? Are you using it well?

Very importantly, are you safe?


In this course, we’ll look at:

  • what cloud computing really is,
  • some of the ways in which it can be used (sharing between devices, sharing with others),
  • how to set it up,
  • security issues (this is very important in the cloud!)


Some comments from my previous courses:

‘Absolutely, fantastic!’

‘I loved it.’

‘I found Kevin’s teaching style excellent’

‘He answered our questions (no matter how silly they were)!’


Target audience

This course is aimed at users of smartphones (iPhones or Android or Windows), tablets (iPad, Android), computers (Windows or Macintosh).


Previous participants of this course have fallen into two groups:

  • people who already know that they want to use the cloud and want to learn how to do, do it better and do it safely
  • people who don’t know exactly what the cloud is but know that it is important and want to learn more about it before taking the plunge


No prior knowledge of the cloud is necessary.

Bring your own devices (computers, tablets, smartphones), please! You need to know how to connect to the internet, download applications and install them.

One computer (Macintosh) might be available – please enquire.


Can’t make this course?

If you’re interested in this course but can’t make it this time, please register your interest.


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