Learning development and teaching



Developing learning and elearning materials

Developing learning and elearning materials

Developing training materials for eLearning, face-to-face or on-paper delivery
Working with your subject matter experts
Using pedagogically-sound instructional design


Text, graphics, movies, animation, interactive learning materials
Advanced solutions using Adobe Captivate
Systems and workflow development
Management of the process


‘Across our faculty, Kevin Blazé has stimulated and empowered a move towards increased active learning. This has not been through being in a position of authority and dictating such an approach, but more through educating staff interested in improving the quality of student learning in ways and means by which this can be achieved. Staff now regularly discuss teaching innovations and talk about how and why they have made changes to their teaching. I believe that Kevin has been primarily responsible for this change in culture.’ Ian – Director, Learning and Teaching at an Australian university

‘I was just awarded a Vice Chancellor’s award for teaching. I’d just like to thank you again’ David – Senior Lecturer at an Australian university



Case studies

Developing learning materials

‘Oh my goodness! Kevin, this looks AWESOME! I love the functionality of the timing ability too! Great work!’ Lyn – large public company


Caring in the community

Growing Awareness

Whaling into essays

Learning to use a microscope


Direct teaching

‘Wow!  We truly appreciate all you are doing. Your instruction has been top notch and we feel fortunate that we happened upon you!’ Wendy


Guitar teaching

Fast-tracking primary school students to rich learning

Biology of plant production


Train the trainers

‘you understand current trends better than most I know and I have absolute trust in your capacity’ Principal, primary school in Melbourne

‘ … a great teacher’s teacher’ university lecturer


On-site professional development for teachers

Online learning materials for a qualification in online teaching

Abandoning the lecture

Advantages and disadvantages of lectures

Interactive lectures

Choosing appropriate technologies for teaching