Playing music from your iPad or Android tablet


Playing music from your iPad or Android

Playing music from your iPad or Android

Hands-on workshops for practising and performing musicians – or come along and discover what you’re missing! Or enquire about a Skype session.


Workshop 1. Using iReal Pro to import, edit and create chord charts and backing tracks

For instrumentalists and singers of of pop, rock, jazz, folk, … any who uses chord charts.

In the first workshop, we’ll work with iReal Pro (Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac).

There are thousands of chord charts available free for iReal Pro. Once imported, the app will transpose to any key. Then, you can play from the chord chart.

If you don’t like those chord charts, you can change them or you can write your own chord charts.

The app will play a backing track from that chord chart and you can play along. 

You can change the tempo to whatever you like and choose from some dozens of rhythms, e.g. rock, samba, gypsy jazz, bluegrass, … .

This is great for singers because it can help you to find your keys for songs, as well.

We’ll cover all aspects of this app and there will be opportunity to play so please bring your instrument!


Because this is a workshop, we will be limiting the number of attendees.

BYO iPad, iPhone, Android or Mac

Comment from a previous course:

Would like to let you know that I loved the presentation last Saturday on iPro .
It was just the right stuff I needed to know. (John)




Workshop 2. Playing from notation and managing a library of music books on your iPad

For instrumentalists and singers of all genres.

Musicians used to carry around books of notation and spend hours shuffling paper into folders for performances or trying to find the right charts during performances.

No more! There are various apps that you can use to solve these problems.

Your iPad can hold hundreds of books and thousands of pages of music notation. There are various ways in which those can be managed but some are MUCH easier than others!

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll take you through the process of creating electronic charts from paper versions, importing them into the iPad, creating set-lists and managing large collections, e.g. Real Books.

We’ll be using ForScore (iPad only) and iGigBook (Android and iPad).

Now, you can carry the books on your device, find the right pieces quickly, organise them into performance ‘books’ (not printed!) prior to the performance or quickly, on the fly, during a performance.

And, at the performance, use an electronic page-turner to move through the notation.


Because this is a workshop, we will be limiting the number of attendees.

BYO iPad (Android has limited use)




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