Library management system in FileMaker Pro

Library management system in FileMaker Pro


This management system was custom-designed for a specialist library to handle the cataloguing and circulation of books, toys, teaching aids and other items. As well as reporting on circulation, it is a repository of complex (and sensitive) patron information required by this library.

The library investigated off-the-shelf management systems but these lacked the specialized features required by the library. Modifying an off-the-shelf package would have been costly and tied the library to the vendor/programmer for every future modification. A custom solution with open architecture was the answer.

The project was initiated with a detailed software requirement specification. Apart from creating the management system from the ground up, one of my main tasks was to import the data from an existing system to the new one. Tools were designed to facilitate extraction of information from the old data.

The system is designed for Windows or Macintosh network access; additionally, fully-functional catalogues can be easily separated from the sensitive information and distributed on cross-platform CD-ROM. Issues to do with future web-delivery have been considered in the design.

Due to the open architecture, future modifications or developments can be carried out by any competent FileMaker developer. In fact, aspects of the system have already been adapted by the library staff.

All specifications were met, on time and on budget.