iTunes in a Day


Learn iTunes in a day

Learn iTunes in a day


iTunes in a Day

iTunes is the management centre for iPhones and iPads as well as the media player for Windows and Macintosh computers. It has grown in complexity and features and changed radically in appearance. If you don’t know what iTunes has to offer or you haven’t quite got the hang of how to do things in iTunes, ‘iTunes in a Day’ is for you.

We’ll cover:

  • using iTunes to play and manage your music collection
  • adding music and videos to your iTunes library
  • working with playlists
  • explore the breadth of media available: movies, TV shows, podcasts, Internet radio and iTunesU
  • searching and purchasing media from the iTunes Store ($10 iTunes card included with this course)
  • why you should manage your iPhone or iPad from your computer


Presenter: Kevin Blazé


Target audience

iTunes runs on iPhone, iPad, Windows and Macintosh computers. No prior knowledge or experience of iTunes is necessary. However, participants must be able to drive their devices, i.e. to open applications, save files, &c.

Bring your own device, please! (One or two Macs might be available – please enquire.)


Course schedule

Duration: 5 hours (including short refreshment breaks)

Presenter: Kevin Blazé



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